Flatbed Services
At Fleet Concepts our goal is to provide unequaled service at competitive rates. Because we possess the latest technology, we are able to provide timely answers regarding availability.
Nationwide Partial or LTL Flatbed Shipments
Because of our expertise in flatbed freight and our understanding of the laws of each state and the Canadian provinces, Fleet Concepts will give you accurate information on the best way to move your flatbed loads.
Some items carried on our contracted flatbeds include machinery for industrial applications, many kinds of farm equipment, truck bodies, steel, fiberglass extrusions, bagged products, clay, pipe, refrigeration equipment and the list goes on and on. We contract to all Continental states and Canada on a daily basis and put products into Mexico as needed.
We are not, however, just a full load carrier. We contract any size of load a customer requires. Because of our carrier base, smaller shipments are consolidated and handled with ease. Consolidating loads anywhere in our service area is often done on a daily basis. If your goal is to reduce the time required from coast to coast, or reduce damage during transit, then Fleet Concepts is your answer. The product that goes on the truck arrives on the same truck. The savings in time means that partial shipments can arrive in less than 7 days.
We specialize in daily step deck full loads from Southern California to Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.
Partial (LTL)
We accommodate the size and type of transportation that fits all your needs. We have hot shots that allow for smaller cargo. We combine partials, which can save you money.
Full Loads (TL)
We can accommodate any size and type of transportation that fits your needs. Our drop decks, maxi's, step decks, and RGN offer the extra support needed when you have a full load to haul. Tarping is provided when transporting items such as roofing or building materials.
We can make all necessary appointments. When we make an appointment for you, we make sure that your items are delivered on time in a professional manner.