Special Services
In addition to the wide array of transportation services that Fleet Concepts Inc. provides, we also offer many ancillary services to satisfy our customer’s needs.
Some of these services are:
Shipment Tracking:
Daily shipments are downloaded to our database, we track the location of each shipment and report to our customer the status of each stop.
Washing/Drying of Plastic Containers:
We either pick up or other carriers deliver soiled containers to our contracted facility. The containers are completely washed, dried, re-palletized and shrink-wrapped for shipment.
Inventory Control and Management:
In addition to the services provided by our warehouse affiliate, we can provide reporting and controls on your stored inventory based on your requirements.
Proofs of Delivery Online:
We can provide our customers access to proofs of delivery for their shipments via our website.
If you need a special service, please contact us. Many of the services we provide were created by a customer request. Give us an opportunity to exceed your expectations. Call us today!