Warehousing Services
All warehouses owned by our affiliates in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada , and Arizona are suited to service the small to moderate sized customer. Each location can be expanded as required.
Warehouse Affiliates Provide:
  • Computer Services: Online Inventory Management
  • Value Added Services: Catalog/Print Fulfillment, Consolidation & Direct Drop Shipping, Light Assembly, Pick and Pack and Repack, Bar Coding, Will Call, Logistics, Sorting, Pallet Exchange, Pool Shipping, Reload, De-Stuff and Container loading, and washing/drying of plastic containers.
Service Area:
  • CALIFORNIA (Temp. Controlled Warehousing)
We also collaborate with affiliates in many other locations if these are not beneficial to your needs.
Solutions: Our customers get answers regardless of the complexity of the question. Often, solutions to distribution problems get lost in the hype and jargon of logistics. Fleet Concepts Inc. puts the logistics puzzle together and provides one complete solution. Too many distribution companies are too busy for new customers. At Fleet Concepts, we believe that the distribution process is simple; our goal is to move product from the original manufacturer to the consumer, supplying essential value added services along the way. If you like simple answers to complex problems, call us.
Our warehouse solutions combined with our transportation expertise allows complete inventory services, making your call to us all you need to do.